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Learn about our motivation to create a better kind of video agency.

Our Story

About Us

Our company structure.

At Shutter Sauce, our small but effective team of professionals works alongside industry-leading cinematographers and editors to bring your projects to life. We believe that "less is more," as we strive for quality over quantity in order to produce the best video content possible while remaining cost efficient. Our unique approach allows for quickly delivered videos with outstanding results at a fraction of what traditional agencies charge.

How we serve our clients.

We don't just focus on what "looks good", instead choosing to actually care about which obstacles your business is facing. Professional production quality is a given, problem solving is what really matters.

This means going deep with each client to learn exactly how their business functions, including understanding their sales cycle, target audience (s) and how to position their brand to be the clear obvious choice among the sea of competitors.

We work with businesses of all sizes.

The people, culture, values and product/service are what we care about at Shutter Sauce.

Since we choose to focus on quality over quantity, our team's creativity and time is highly valued.

We aren't going to invest our skills into a company we don't believe in just to get a paycheck.

Our videos are designed to drive results, so we are very careful about who we choose to support. If we don't truly believe we can provide the solutions to your problem, we have a moral obligation to tell you.

By operating this way, we hope to amplify messages which will leave the world better than when we found it.

There are an infinite number of ways videos could be utilized, but only a few of them are going to actually work. By asking the right questions, we want to find the opportunities to drive more sales, build better relationships with customers and free up your time to focus on what you do best.

Our Story


Why we're such fanatics about video.

It is the most persuasive & powerful marketing tool on the planet. Since we care about driving business results, that jives pretty well with us.

Videos with purpose.

When it comes to business videos, the objectives we focus on boil down to this:

  • More sales
  • More time
  • Better relationships

If a video doesn't prioritize solving some kind of business problem with any (or all) of the above in mind, then we believe it has seriously missed the mark.

We started a video production company.

Our founder worked as a CPA & Auditor for one of the Top 4 Public Accounting firms. Much time was spent understanding the business processes and sales cycles of large international corporations.

After leaving the industry to pursue entrepreneurship, Shutter Sauce was born with a mission to marry strategy, focused on business growth, with the most compelling and persuasive storytelling medium - video.

Our Story


We work with a range of business types, including:
  • Service Based Companies (HVAC, Plumbing, Construction, Landscaping, etc...)
  • Companies Supporting the Trades (Construction, Sheetmetal, Electricians, Laborers)
  • Education/Colleges
  • SaaS, Tech, Software, App companies
  • Healthcare
  • Fitness/Gyms
  • Non-Profits
  • Marketing Agencies

Want to see if Shutter Sauce is the right fit for your business? Head on over to our discovery form to book a call with our team!